Be calm and stay Zen

This post is by Cynthia David, a recent graduate of the International Education program.

I was definitely looking forward to our weekend excursion to Kyoto and Kyoto has yet to disappoint.  The hills, the bikes, the people and the atmosphere leaves me wanting more! Here are some of the highlights from our adventures.



Our morning began with a pre-selected meal. I wonder why they (the hotel) assumed we wanted a western breakfast :). If you are curious to know, a western breakfast consists of scrambled eggs, sausage links, salad, yogurt and grapefruit.

We definitely had to make sure that we ate because our next stop was the well renowned sake museum. Did someone say SAKE? Yes sake at 9:30 in the morning! If you didn’t know, now you know, sake comes from rice…lots of it. The presentation was very informative and we received a tour of the facilities. Let’s not forget the samples, gift shop, and the exhibit.

Aki, our wonderful guide translating the tour.

Aki, our wonderful guide translating the tour.

Next we went to the Kiyomizudera Temple. I must say, I have never experienced such beauty and peacefulness. After getting over the trek up a hill and many steps, all you can do is admire the view of Kyoto and take in the holiness.



Map of the Temple

Map of the Temple

My favorite part of today was experimenting with Zazen Meditation. This was a first for me and I must say that the 1st 10 minutes okay. The 2nd round was a struggle but I made it.

Be calm stay Zen

Be calm stay Zen

Of course we had to end the day with shopping and now I can add a new accessory to the collection; head bows!! After a tutorial I was so SOLD!!! Check it out!!


Definitely enjoyed my stay in Kyoto. So glad I had the opportunity to participate in this experience #gratefulparticipant


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